When a Loved One Needs Professional Wound Care

When you’re caring for someone who is dealing with a complex wound, it might be time to call in the professionals.⁠

How Can a concierge Nurse Help?

A concierge wound care nurse specializes in assessing and treating patients with complex wounds or ostomies, working closely with their care team to ensure that treatment plans are followed precisely in order to prevent future infection or injury. Some common types of complex patient wounds we see include diabetic foot wounds, ulcers and bed sores, burns, pressure injuries, and skin tears.⁠

While you may be treating at home, a concierge registered nurse can help promote speedier healing by:⁠

  • Managing wounds in conjunction with physician’s orders
  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Assessing, measuring and monitoring the wound, including evaluating wound drainage
  • Identifying and addressing issues early on based on change or decline
  • Promoting patient comfort during and after dressing changes
  • Education of proper positioning, including turning every 2 hours to promote healing and prevent further breakdown

More than anything, a concierge nurse is an advocate for your loved one, and can help ensure they get the personalized and detailed care they need beyond the physician’s office.

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