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At Decision Critical, we strive to be the conduit between the traditional healthcare system and the patient through personalized, private duty nursing care.

How We Can Help

Decision Critical provides a variety of concierge nursing services designed around our patients needs. We work collaboratively with healthcare professionals to empower individuals and restore wellness. Our nurses can assist with anything within their scope of practice. Some of our commonly requested services include:

Chronic Illness Management and In Home Nursing Care

Acute & CHronic Care

Supporting you through both temporary and long-term health challenges.

Elderly Care

Assisting families care for their aging loved ones in their homes, the hospital, or long-term care facilities.

Post Operative Care Recovery at Home After Surgery

Post Operative Care

Aiding you in complete recovery after both doctor-ordered and elective surgeries.


From IVIG to antibiotics and IV Hydration, we deliver the convenience of in-home infusion services.

What We Offer

Meet Decision Critical

Founded in 2014, Decision Critical is a nurse-owned and operated boutique agency offering a variety of private nursing care to Baton Rouge and beyond. Decision Critical strives to be the bridge between the healthcare system and the patient. Our team of over 50 highly specialized and independently practicing private duty nurses are poised and ready to bring comfort and care wherever you are. Reach out today to learn more!

Decision Critical Nursing Team

Who We Serve


Our team cares for patients as comfortably, privately, and compassionately as they deserve, whether in a clinical office or in the comfort of their own home. ⁠

healthcare partners

Our team helps healthcare providers by being an extension of their services and acting as the bridge between the doctor’s office and at-home efforts, helping them deliver better results.⁠


Our team offers nurses an alternative to the traditional clinical setting that was a better fit for their family, their passions, and their goals.⁠

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Better Health Outcomes Are One Call Away

Whether you’re recovering from a surgery or managing an acute or chronic condition, our experienced private duty nurses are ready to assist you from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to learn more.

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