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Meet Decision Critical

We’re Decision Critical, and we’re bringing private nursing care to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas to massively impact healthcare and how you view wellness and recovery. We work together with patients and their medical teams to deliver the highest level of care in non-traditional situations and settings to suit your needs and aid in better health outcomes. We’re healthcare for your lifestyle.

Meet Blasia Rivet, RN, BSN

founder & ceo

Hi there! I’m Blasia Rivet and I’m the founder & CEO of Decision Critical. Born and raised in Baton Rouge by entrepreneurial parents and a graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy and the Southeastern Louisiana University School of Nursing. I founded Decision Critical in 2014 to build a life by design with my husband and my 3 beautiful children.

I am passionate about seeking wellness from the inside out, and happiness to me is measured by the difference I’m making in someone’s life. For our clients, that means I want to provide exceptional convenient and compassionate care while also providing valuable resources for their overall health and wellbeing. For our nurses, that means we thrive off of creating a space for them to reignite their passion and explore opportunities in all areas of nursing while protecting their work-life balance. And for our healthcare partners, that means collaborating with them to deliver the ultimate personalized healthcare experience and best possible health outcomes.

In times of change such as those now occurring in healthcare, my team and I are prepared to lead the way and deliver excellent care to those in need, and we can’t wait to connect with you!

Our vision at Decision Critical is to massively impact change in the way nursing care is delivered, acting as the conduit between the modern healthcare system and the patient.

We empower nurses to put clients’ needs and health goals at the forefront of every decision and provide exceptional critical care in non-traditional settings.


our patients

We aim to care for patients as comfortably, privately, and compassionately as they deserve, whether in a clinical office setting or in the comfort of their own home.

our providers

We help healthcare providers and other partners serve their clients better by acting as the bridge between them and the patients at-home efforts, helping them deliver better results.

our nurses

We offer nurses career alternatives to traditional clinical settings that can provide the flexibility they need for their family while fueling their passions and goals.

Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced private duty nurses and medical professionals are second to none. We are passionate about delivering quality care and compassion when you need it most.

What is Concierge Nursing?

A concierge nurse is a registered nurse (RN) that is able to provide personalized care to clients in a variety of settings – from your home to a hotel or AirBnB and more.

We do more than just fulfill doctors’ orders – as independently practicing mobile nurses, we can provide any service within our scope of practice.

Above all, we are here to support your health and recovery while working alongside your physician.

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Curious About Concierge Nursing?

Whether you’re recovering from a surgery or managing a chronic condition, our experienced nurses are ready to help you take your health into your own hands, from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see if a concierge nurse is right for you!

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