How a Concierge Nurse Can Help When You’re Sick

Has the winter sickness hit your household yet? It seems like everything is going around, from the flu to the stomach bug, and we’re here to help. Yes, our experienced nurses can lend a hand even if it’s just for the common cold!

When you’re sick, Our concierge nurses can help with:

  • In-home nurse visits to help care for you and your family, check vital signs, manage medication, and more⁠. This can be extra helpful when an illness hits mom and dad at the same time and you desperately need the extra help! Our nurses can come as needed for as little as 2 hour visits, so there’s no long-term commitment needed.
  • Mobile IV Hydration is heaven-sent when you’re sick! Our nurse comes to you, helping you stay hydrated and recover faster. Our signature Drip Bundle includes 1000mL of fluids, the powerful antioxidant Glutathione⁠, plus a boost of B12 delivered via injection – it’s sure to have you feeling better in no time!
  • B12 Injection Therapy can deliver an incredible boost to your immune system and so much more. We host weekly clinics at our office every Wednesdays from 11am-1pm to make it easy. Make an appointment ahead of time, or just pop in – walk ins are always welcome, and we’ll have you in and out in 10 minutes or less! B12 helps with an immune system boost, increased energy, improved sleep, and more⁠.

So next time you or your loved ones are not feeling your best, give us a call and let us help!

Decision Critical is a boutique concierge nursing agency based in Baton Rouge, LA providing custom tailored healthcare solutions for clients in a variety of settings. Learn more about us, or schedule a complimentary discovery call to see what services are right for you. 

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